Humanizing the creative work experience through AI

GoodWork is revolutionizing the creative industry through the power of AI. 

To empower creatives, we have built an AI-enhanced community and AI-driven tools to remove the frustrations of being independent, generating demand for services, finding help on skills gaps, and dealing with regulatory tasks, collections, and payments. 

The GoodWork demand engine is an AI-driven assistant that skips the traditional “Sales Funnel” and drops customers directly into the “Creative Funnel.” Our assistant draws out the beginnings of the scope of work from a customer, asks qualifying questions, and quickly matches a creative team to the customer. Then arranges a meeting with the team and sets everyone off on the creative journey. No sales call!

For creative members, there is the GoodWork community, a private Discord server that has been heavily modified and enhanced with our AI-Assistant powered by ChatGPT-3. The AI-Assistant can schedule creatives for a team, keep them informed about upcoming commitments, and gather project feedback and status. The AI is getting smarter by the day. 

For creative leadership (Team Leads), tools in our platform help define project scopes, set budgets, manage project team members, and finally pay their team. Communications between the Team Lead and their team are almost exclusively on Discord via our AI-Assistant, which gives us a level of interactivity that email will never be able to deliver. 

At GoodWork, our technology is opening up a new way for people to work together so companies and creatives can stay focused on their creative work, not the business of creative work. 

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