Chris Kelly 

Brand storytelling from
campaign to content. 

Typical Team

Vector (10)Art Director

Vector (10)Visual Designer

Vector (10)Copywriter

Vector (10)Video Editor

Vector (10)Project Manager

Working with Us

With a focus on embedding creative in your organization, Chris and the team collaborate on supporting your creative needs from campaign to branding and creative support.


Chris is a creative director who focuses on telling culturally driven and socially conscious narratives for brands, agencies, and news organizations. With experience managing diverse creative teams and directing complex, sophisticated commercial and editorial productions, he seamlessly navigates the creative development and production phases, contributing a constant voice and point of view.

With over a decade of experience, Chris has worked in several creative and production roles, including Executive Creative Director at Industrial Color Studios, Commercial Director, and Creative/Art Director as freelance talent for several agencies.

Chris believes that great work is created where vision meets collaboration and that the best way to lead is with thoughtfulness, curiosity, and dedication.

Vector (6)

Chris is a remarkably strategic and sophisticated Creative Director...
...able to embody the energy and voice of a brand.

J. Koffsky

Condé Nast 

Main Services

Creative Consulting
We support brands as they establish themselves through creative strategy, branding, and brand consulting. Let us work as a part of your team to enhance your brand and communications.

Creative Strategy
We partner with your teams to truly understand your business's needs, challenges, and goals and collaborate in developing creative solutions for various media.

Creative Production + Post
With a team of diverse and talented creatives, we execute premium, high-quality work from brand campaigns to websites and digital assets. 

Work Examples


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