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A brand new website for this Series-A Tech Startup in a month. 

Ghost is a private B2B marketplace for buying and selling off-price goods. A complex product with lots of moving parts, Ghost needed a new branding and website design to simplify its offering, making the process feel accessible, simple, and rewarding.

Brand Updates | Web Design | Illustrations 

A GoodWork team developed Ghost’s website, and
contributed to their new brand library.

Ghost was matched with a GoodWork team who, over a four-week period, developed a brand new website. The team also created unique brand elements including icons and infographics – adding to Ghost’s Brand Guide, and helping the website stand apart. 

Here's the makeup of the GoodWork creative team:

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* Ghost skipped the $50k ad agency and got right to work with their GoodWork team. 

 * opinion-based number

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GoodWork shows that it’s possible to make really good work – while also moving really fast.

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Erik Ulin

SVP, Revenue

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See how a GoodWork team reimagined Ghost’s brand presence, online and beyond.

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Full site design Implementation

Case Study Ghst Website Messaging v2

Website Messaging

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Site Design Templates

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Custom Site Icons

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